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The HFC Mission:

Build Life Champions

Coach's Corner

“E Kū Haʻaheo Kākou!”

Let us all stand tall and stand proud!


As a police officer, coach, father and a husband I’ve learned that our culture or way of doing things have drastically changed.  I see that our community tolerates things that we would have been disciplined for in the past.  My heart aches when I see all of the evils in our community and watching our youth become tainted by this new culture. Our standards have been lowered to the point that building our kids and passing on the “old school” values of aloha and respect has become difficult.

This past event was dedicated to the participants of our 1st Annual Life Champion Senior Bowl.  Itʻs because of your accomplishments that made it possible to host a second event! It was so heartwarming to see all of our Hawaiʻi participants, families and visiting coaches work together towards achieving our mission to "build life champions".  Having been our first year, we were able to provide post-high school opportunities for 87 athletes! Friendships amongst the athletes, families and visiting coaches were maintained and weʻre so blessed with the overwhelming support from ALL communities including Hawaiʻiʻs own life champions: Tyson Alualu, Shawn Lauvao and Marcus Mariota!

Weʻve raised the selection criteria to help change the "culture" of the sport. Academics, work ethic, services to the community and character were some of the benchmarks that were required of each athlete.  This year we wanted to place emphasis on our culture and values.  We hope to augment the understanding of our roles in the community as keiki, mākua or kūpuna.  Together, by advancing the common good in our community, we can inspire all Hawaiʻi high school scholar-athletes to compete in the classroom, honor our community and strive for greatness.

This event is not just about football, itʻs about family, school and citizenship. We believe that athletics can be more than just a vehicle to create post high school options.  It can be the the tool we use to unite communities, reinforce our culture that honors our keiki and kūpuna and a tool that can perpetuate and preserve our true Hawaiʻi identity though the spirit of ALOHA! 

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